Stick Biscuit

Our stick biscuits are well fried and baked to make them super crispy. Oil is continuously filtered and benchmarked (POLAR Test) regularly. We use the best ingredients and seasonings sourced locally and internationally. The excellent interweave brings about phenomenal taste on every bite.


Salty Stick BiscuitSalty Stick Biscuit
Golden Match Salty Stick BiscuitGolden Match Salty Stick Biscuit
Golden Silk Salty Stick BiscuitGolden Silk Salty Stick Biscuit
Five Tasty Stick BiscuitFive Tasty Stick Biscuit
Original Stick BiscuitOriginal Stick Biscuit
Caramel Stick BiscuitCaramel Stick Biscuit
Nori Seaweed Stick BiscuitNori Seaweed Stick Biscuit
Thin Thin Stick BiscuitThin Thin Stick Biscuit
Topaz Salty BiscuitTopaz Salty Biscuit
Drumstick BiscuitDrumstick Biscuit
King Kong Spicy BiscuitKing Kong Spicy Biscuit
Penguin Spicy BiscuitPenguin Spicy Biscuit

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